For the record, the photo from the last post is not me participating in Movember.  That was already something like four or five days of growth, slightly trimmed, and I shaved it all off the next day.  Facial hair just doesn’t grow on my face much.  It’s not worth encouraging it.

There was some real snow on the ground this morning, though it’s mostly melted now (almost lunchtime).  There’s still snow falling, but it’s not accumulating anymore.

The week’s been jam packed full.  We spent last weekend preparing for our newest arrival, a Blue Merle Collie, who we agreed to take in after a friend’s father passed away.  She’s an absolute sweetie, though she’s still not adjusting to the presence of a cat very well. (The cats is also suitably miffed at yet another dog invading his space.)

Anyway, here is Iris, looking pretty: