New Heights

It’s not often I really get to push myself these days. There’s always plenty to do of course. I’ve been crazy busy as usual. Keeping the fires under control at work, and I’ve got plenty of activities after work, then home for dinner, an hour or two watching Netflix, then off to bed.

Something that I realized about myself relatively recently is that I’ve got a bit of a fear of heights. Considering how much I like climbing, I never expected this. But there’s a couple of climbs at the gym in town where I feel a little exposed, and get a little freaked out. There’s one climb in particular where I get close to finishing, but couldn’t actually complete the route because there was a move that while not particularly difficult, I couldn’t get over my nerves enough to attempt it. At least, not until last week.

I think it’s really important to push myself past my comfort zone. And in this particular case, it had an obvious payoff.

I’m realizing now that I’ve got a situation at work that’s a little similar. I’ve been given a project that will have a big impact in our ability to manage our systems that is highly visible. I can’t just not attempt it like I did with the climbing route. And if I don’t get my head together, it’d be easy to fail. But this is a chance to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and it will have a real payoff if I succeed. I need to keep that in mind.