Ever onward

Things are as busy as always.

We had a fun weekend looking after the K&N while their parents had a weekend away.  We had a wet day, then a quite nice but brisk day running around.  Now all I need to do is keep ahead of my work, and get enough sleep, which is easier said than done.

Autumnal Check-In

Life continues as busy as ever.  School’s back in full swing again, and work is abuzz with all kinds of activity.

We had an opportunity to move the closing of GA’s house up a month, which meant that we’d have that much less time dealing with extra back and forth requests from the buyer.  So that’s awesome, and we went out for a celebratory dinner the weekend after closing.

Now that Fall is fully underway, we’ve finally gone and taken a look at the Farmer’s Market, post fire, to stock up on foods with L’s mum.  We ended up spending most of the day wandering around.  After the Market, we went to Martin’s Farm where they were having their annual harvest celebration, then off to Nauman’s Farm for pumpkins.

Just keep swimming.

Been keeping my head down a little bit, just trying to get through the tremendous list of things that have been needing done this past few months, both at work and at home.  And at other homes…

July disappeared faster that I would have guessed.  But at least one big thing is mostly crossed off the list, so that’s good.  The August long weekend saw me making it through yet another year of my life, and family came up for a very enjoyable day.

We still have this last week to make it through before things ease off a little bit.  But at least the end is in sight.

Cleaning House

Things have been crazy busy lately.  So much so that we haven’t had a lot of time to tend to our own place.

It’s not been all bad.  We had a crazy whirlwind vacation out West, following L’s conference.  We got to see a few friends.  I wasn’t organized enough that we were able to see all of them.

After that, it’s been all about taking care of things.  That’s sort of what I do at work, I suppose, but outside of work too, we’ve been getting GA’s house in shape, various animals in shape, and finally, trying to get our own house back in shape after a little too much neglect.